Payment and ordering

Please read the below carefully before placing an order

Payment can be made via online transfer soon after your order has been confirmed. Details will be sent to you personally.

A 50% deposit is required for orders made more than 2 weeks in advance, in order to secure your date in my diary and to cover for any cancellations and postponements. The other half is expected to be transferred on or before the day of collection/delivery.

Please expect to pay in full for orders made less that 2 weeks before the collection/delivery date.

We may have discussed and confirmed your order, but without payment, it will not be booked in. Therefore you run the risk of someone else taking the available day.

Cakes – 14-21 days in advance

4 and 6 cupcakes – 5-7 days in advance

12 and 24+ cupcakes – 10-14 days in advance

Customised biscuits – 14 days in advance

There will be surcharge of up to £20 on last minute orders. This price will be calculated based on the size, quantity and detail of the order.

Please take into consideration, that if you require something a little more detailed such as a larger cake, larger fondant creations/models, detailed drawings, etc, you must leave extra time for this. Preparation is important when it comes to baking and decorating, so allowing time for this is 100% needed.