Delivery and collections

UK deliveries only

£30 minimum spend for deliveries

Please note that deliveries outside of North London will cost quite a bit as I do charge by time and mileage.

Collection is available to everyone

I am based in Edmonton, North London. As this is a home kitchen, my full address will be given to customers who have chosen to collect, after payment has been made.

Tips when collecting a cake

– Place the cake gently on a flat surface – The car floor is recommended.

– Keep the car as cool as possible – especially on a hot summers day.

– Drive very carefully and please, don’t fly over speed bumps!

Tips when storing cake and cupcakes

– You do not need to store buttercream cakes or cupcakes in the fridge as this can actually make the sponge texture go firm quicker.

– After collecting, if you see that your cakes have started to melt a little, please put them in the fridge for a few hours.

– Since they do not contain egg or milk, they can be left out for up to 3 days and still be perfectly fine to eat. Longer is safe too, but the texture will become thicker over time and you won’t enjoy it as much!

– Cakes that have fondant creations/decorations on them, should not be stored in the fridge, doing so could melt the creations and ruin your cake.

– On a hot summers day, keep your cakes in a cool place, preferably a room with a fan or air con on.

Please note, that I will not be responsible for any collected cakes damaged in transit.