Box of 4 – £12 (collection
Box of 6 – £18
Box of 12 – £24
   Box of 24 – £48  

All cupcake prices are based on a single flavour of your choice and only apply to the SET cupcakes we offer as seen below. Prices will vary for customised cupcakes.

Pay £2 to add an extra flavour to your box.

Pay an extra 70p to add personalised text to each cupcake.

You do not need to stick to the set flavours that we offer on this page. If there is anything you want that you do not see, let us know, as it most certainly can be done for you!

For large quantity orders of 30+ cupcakes, for events and celebrations such as christenings, weddings, kids parties etc, please fill out the form the contact page.

MUST be ordered 3 weeks in advance!

F   L   A   V   O   U   R   S

 Cupcake flavour and description template chocolate and cherry

Cupcake flavour and description templateCupcake flavour and description template salted caramel and oreo

Chocolate and rose and banana.jpg

C U P C A K E   GA L L E R Y