Loving energy brought our fish back to life

Loving energy brought our fish back to life…

The title sounds crazy, like one of those supernatural experience stories that you’ll find in a spiritual magazine. But it honestly is as literal as it sounds.

So here’s how it went…

Me and my mum came home after a nice, relaxing evening out to find that one of my brothers had cleaned the fish tank, which is so unusual but great! He hadn’t put the fish back into the tank because he was waiting for the water to warm up, as it was freezing cold. Without knowing this CRUCIAL PIECE OF INFORMATION, my mum put the fish back into the tank. But before we knew it, they began struggling to breath and swim. They were dying. I didn’t know what to do, I felt so helpless and scared that my initial reaction was to shout, “someone do something!” over and over again. I was beginning to cry out of frustration while my mum was shouting at my brother, blaming him for filling the tank up with cold water, and him blaming her for putting the fish back into the water assuming it was ready. It was mental. It felt like a lifetime but it was only a few seconds. The fish were fighting so hard to stay alive, until one of them stopped fighting and slowly floated to the top. It was heartbreaking. By then my other brother grabbed the fish net and put both fishes back into the bowl of warm water that they were previously in.


I rushed to the bowl to check if they were okay, only to find that just one had survived. The other fish had definitely died. I gently touched it a few times to be sure, but nothing. Not a single movement. We were all so sad but also in disbelief. I’m pretty sure we thought that it was going to come back to life. My brother, the only one that had the brains and the composure to take the fish out of the tank in the moment, was genuinely worried. I mean, we were all devastated, but there was something about his energy that made me feel like he cared a lot more than all of us did. He had so much compassion and to be completely honest, it was the first time I had seen that side to him that deeply. 


As he sat down next to the bowl, he went to stroke the fish that had died, as if to comfort it. I had just accepted that it was gone and was trying to find the strength to get up to flush it down the toilet. But, the second my brothers finger touched its skin, the fish flinched. Like it had woken up from a deep sleep. The more he touched it, the more it somehow began to find the strength to move and eventually swim again. We all jumped in shock and relief, questioning what we had witnessed. I knew about the power of energy and had read stories where things like this was possible, so I was able to recognise what had happened straight away.


The love, the concern, the sadness, the courage that my brother had, along with the urge to help those fish survive, all built up until it became pure, loving energy. With that energy, he was able to bring our fish back to life without even meaning to. The craziest part of it all is, the fish that didn’t die, ended up dying a few months after, and the fish that my brother brought back to life, still lives. It’s been over a year now. He’s not in our home any more but we’ve been told he’s healthy and happy.


It was the most powerful thing I’ve witnessed ’til this day. Because it was evident that love has the power to save anything. Something as simple as a feeling, a gesture, a touch, can make such an impact. Us as humans are more powerful than any other living being. This experience proved it. We have so much spiritual strength that it’s near enough impossible to find it all in one lifetime. But it’s there, whether we feel it or not. Whether we believe it or not. We have the power to save the world, to save our animals, to save each other…if we really wanted to. And how? The answer is love. Only love.


DEJA VU experience in Italy made me understand what they really are…

I have this theory that Deja vu’s are dreams that we have had, that we cannot remember. Dreams of our past life, where we have re-lived a certain moment, just in different lifetimes and bodies. Also dreams of our future. We all have psychic abilities whether you believe it or not. Our dreams are the number one ways our minds can show us things that we do not know yet, without us having to practice it and without us even realising. A lot of us can’t actually remember our dreams, which is why deja vu’s seem so confusing and unusual. Like a blur.

I remember my first ever deja vu. I was walking into my secondary school one random day, it wasn’t a special day or anything, but I remember looking at the playground, the people in front of me, the blue benches and thinking ‘Wait!? I have done this before’ I think I was in year 8. HOW WEIRD IS THE FEELING? It stuck with me the entire day. I was so in love with it though. The fact I had no idea how and why we got them absolutely excited me, probably because I knew deep down that they weren’t random, that they meant something more…

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My dreams never fail to amaze me…

Around a week ago me and my dad were having a conversation about him moving to cyprus and starting up his own business there. I was so happy when he mentioned that he wanted to do this as I have always known he would be happier over there. I want the best for him…But it was just a thought, nothing more.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in cyprus with my dad, we were walking around somewhere that looked unusually new and lively, the vibes were amazing. I couldn’t recognize the place but I do remember thinking that the area would be the perfect area to open up a business in. We walked around for ages, I had only positive thoughts come through, whilst my dad was quite uncertain and skeptical, as you would be. He questioned me, he questioned his idea to move. In that moment, my granddad appeared. My granddad passed away years ago and the only time he visits me in my dreams is when he needs to let me know he is here for us. In this dream he was young, younger than I have ever seen him, he was full of life and very healthy. He didn’t say a word but my soul knew that he was telling me he was there for my dad. He was supportive of my dad’s idea to go to cyprus. He would be right beside him.

I woke up and I felt the sudden urge to write it down as I normally do because I hate the idea of forgetting such a powerful dream like this. But I also normally never end up doing so as I get carried away with my actual life and forget. I knew it meant something though, I knew that I would remember it if I was supposed to. Throughout the entire day today I kept visualising my granddad and the message he left in that dream. It was so intense that I felt as if it had been real. That’s how I knew. So I told myself I would call my dad later on and tell him, once I did, he was so relieved to hear it. It gave him that extra bit of confidence and support that he needed.

I just thought this was amazing. My granddad heard of his sons plans and had come through to tell me that he approved. How beautiful.

Not a lot of people really believe that this kind of stuff is real, that someone can come through to them in their dreams… So pleassssseeee, if you do experience dreaming of a loved one who has passed away, it is real! They are really there. Don’t brush it off the moment you wake up. It is very rare to dream of someone who has passed and if you do, it is because there is something they would like you to know, most of the time it is that they are there for you. Or that they want you to know they are happy and safe and that there is nothing to worry about. Don’t ignore them, listen to them. Also, if you have noticed that they always look healthy and happy in your dreams, nothing like what they did the moment they passed…it is because they are! Pain does not stay with you when you pass, only love and forgiveness.

Don’t look for it though, they will only come when they need to…