Cake information

All custom cakes start from £60.

This is based on a 6inch buttercream covered cake, any flavour and colour of your choice as well as buttercream piping decor.

The cost of your cake will increase depending on any extras, size, detail, flavours and time spent on making your cake.

You will find information on sizes, flavours, toppings and decoration ideas in the request a cake contact form. Unfortunately, as all cakes are custom made, I cannot provide a price list. However, to help you get a rough idea of pricing, I have put together a cake gallery which includes a few cakes, along with a short description and their prices.

Feel free to send me images of the type of cake you are looking for. I cannot duplicate a cake due to copyright reasons, but I can use it as inspiration. Send this to:

along with your name, soon after you’ve completed and sent the cake request form.

When ordering your cake…

Aim to order your cake a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance. I am getting pretty booked up so this will ensure you get your cake booked in and gives me enough time to plan and prepare for your cake.

Ordering a customised cake can take days as we discuss ideas and prices before finalising an order. The form below is meant to cover the majority of the questions you would be asked in order to be given a quote, so the more specific you are, the more accurate the quote will be and the quicker I can book you in!

There will be a surcharge of up to £20 for cake orders made less than 10 days in advance. This is calculated by the size and detail of the cake.