Beautiful message

I’m flying out to morocco on monday and I am so excited. I find everything about this country absolutely stunning, the colours, patterns, architecture, the culture itself! But any way, I’ve had this Marrakech travel guide sitting in my room for about a week, it was given to me by my mum who was given it by one of her gym friends. Last night, whilst tryyyying to pack (I couldn’t do it, it was too overwhelming to pick out outfits and shoes just for a few days) I opened it up and found this message on the first page…

Life is just a momentum

But love makes it infinite!

Life is just a journey 

But love makes it meaningful!

Life is an adventure 

But to share it makes it happy!

How cuteeeeeeee. My heart really understood this. I also really needed something like that to read at the time. Apparently the guy that gave my mum the travel guide has a girlfriend and they are completely in love, as you can tell ↑. She write this to him before going to marrakech together. Random but just thought i’d share this message 🙂

FullSizeRender (6)

Have a beautiful day everyone.


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