DEJA VU experience in Italy made me understand what they really are…

I have this theory that Deja vu’s are dreams that we have had, that we cannot remember. Dreams of our past life, where we have re-lived a certain moment, just in different lifetimes and bodies. Also dreams of our future. We all have psychic abilities whether you believe it or not. Our dreams are the number one ways our minds can show us things that we do not know yet, without us having to practice it and without us even realising. A lot of us can’t actually remember our dreams, which is why deja vu’s seem so confusing and unusual. Like a blur.

I remember my first ever deja vu. I was walking into my secondary school one random day, it wasn’t a special day or anything, but I remember looking at the playground, the people in front of me, the blue benches and thinking ‘Wait!? I have done this before’ I think I was in year 8. HOW WEIRD IS THE FEELING? It stuck with me the entire day. I was so in love with it though. The fact I had no idea how and why we got them absolutely excited me, probably because I knew deep down that they weren’t random, that they meant something more…

About 3 and a half years ago, I went to italy with my boyfriend at the time, and his family. We were in a taxi, driving to Lake Como. It was a long drive so everyone took a nap for a bit, but not me. I was so intrigued by all the beautiful houses and shops and mountains, that I forced myself to stay up, to take in every little detail. The one time I did decide to rest, I put my head down and closed my eyes for literally 20 seconds. The taxi came to a stop. It stopped quite suddenly too, which obviously made me look up. IN THAT PERFECT, DIVINE MOMENT, I was experiencing a deja vu. But the deja vu had stopped just as the taxi stopped, and in the time that the taxi had stopped, I remembered that my deja vu was actually a dream that I had a few months back…

I was in a taxi with a friend. The taxi stopped (in the exact same place as it stopped in the present moment) I got out of the right side of the taxi, picked up my suitcase from the boot and then walked around, to the left side, where I stood, looking up at a tall, old-fashioned  hotel that I was getting ready to stay at. The end.

This all happened in the space of 10 seconds. My mind processed it very quickly. But before I could confirm that it really was my dream, I stopped myself from looking around. I told myself that when I do, I will look to the left and see a hotel in the same position as it was in my dream, (although I did not remember what the hotel itself looked like, only that there was one). So I did. I slowly turned my head, as if I was watching myself getting out of the taxi in my dream, to get my suitcase and then walk round to left side where the hotel was and… there it was! THE HOTEL! I then allowed myself to be completely over the moon and shouted out “OMG! I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE” because in that moment, I had realised, after all these years of wondering, what my deja vu’s really were. I understood PERFECTLY that my soul had been to the exact same spot before. That would explain why I was on my way to see it in my current life, my soul was drawn to it. What are the chances that the one time I decided to put my head down to rest, I was woken up by the taxi stopping in the EXACT SAME PLACE that it had stopped at in my dream? It stopped long enough for me to process it all. I was supposed to see it. I was supposed to be awake for that moment.

The crazy part is, I have always been attracted to Italy, Italian people, the language, everything about it. When I was 10, I asked for an Italian language CD for christmas because I was so convinced that I had to learn the language, in order to live there one day, as I predicted would happen. It didn’t happen. But ’til this day, I still see myself sitting on a small, beautiful balcony covered in pretty flowers, on the highest room of a flat building, drinking wine and looking at the most amazing view – A small village on a hill, pebble roads, colourful houses and a lake in the distance. This is probably because my soul remembers living there in another lifetime and is reminiscing of a time when it felt happy and content. Whenever I visit the country, I always feel at home. It feels completely natural. Now I know why.

Ever since then, I remember all of my deja vu’s. Actually, I no longer call them that. I call them dreams. They are dreams. Most of mine come from dreams that I have had, showing me parts of my future. I never realise it at the time of my dream though. I just wake up and think ‘what a random dream that was’ and then forget it straight after. But then years down the line, I will experience the same thing that I had dreamt of, the same few seconds, that we call ‘Deja vu’. I always say that when you experience a deja vu, it means you are on the right track in life. So from now on, look at them as dreams of your past life and dreams of your future. That is why you feel you have lived the moment before…because YOU HAVE. You were shown this moment in your dreams.


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