Coconut and cherry ice-cream

I tried to get some recipes up on how to make ice-cream as I genuinely had no idea, but they all involved a bloody ice-cream maker, and lets face it, I refuse to buy one just to use it a few times a year. So here, first time making ice-cream…



Completely winged it…

A blender 🙂

2 cartons of coconut cream

1 bag of frozen cherries (you won’t need them all)

3 tbsp of cherry jam

coconut milk – I used 3 cups but it depends on how good your blender is.

1 pot of Alpro dairy free cherry yogurt


1. Stir all two cartons of coconut cream, break it down to make it easier to blend.

2. Throw the coconut cream into the blender along with the cherry yogurt and blend it. Add some coconut milk into the blender depending on the thickness of the mixture. You don’t want it too thick that you cannot pour it, and you don’t want it too runny that it pours too easily.

3. Pour the mixture into a bowl and give it a good stir. Then add a 2 cups of frozen cherries and 3 tbsp of cherry jam into the blender for about 4 seconds. Make sure it’s quite thick and lumpy still, not too liquified.

4. Before adding this to the bowl, put a few tbsp of the cherry mix aside for later. Stir enough so that you still see the different shades of pink.

5. Pour all of your mixture into a freezable container. Use the cherry mix that you put aside to make swirls on the surface. Use a knife or a fork to do this.

5. Top with frozen cherries.

And freeze.

ice cream 2


Too much coconut! The flavour was fine but the coconut made the ice cream quite dry. I used 3 cups of coconut cream so only use 2! And add more frozen cherries to the blender. Apart from that I’m quite pleased with the outcome, definitely will be trying it out again!



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